Legal Services

Legal Services

Tax-Court Cases and Tax Judgment Services

Araştırma & Analiz provides advocacy services in all kinds of tax-court case. Tax-court cases are handled by lawyers who have proved themselves in their fields and are experienced in meeting the needs of clients. Our company’s legal department has a wide range of experience in the area of tax judgment, and services provided vary including solving problems in the taxation process, making administrative applications before the case under the applicable Tax Legislation and facilitating compromise transactions, bringing action in case there is no settlement of disputes at the administrative stage, and facilitating the process of compensating settlement of any disputes which may be faced after the case. In addition, our services cover administrative applications to state organizations and independent administration authorities, enacting legal procedures on these applications, bringing action before administrative courts in the event of any failure in concluding the applications and concluding all legal procedures following the case. Legal action for tax penalties arising from customs and other financial legislation are also undertaken by our legal department.

Legal Consultancy and Representation Services

These services include consultancy regarding the problems of commercial companies, real person traders, enterprises without a legal personality arising from operating commercial business, unfair competition, infringement of trade name, legal status of trader assistants, maritime trade, valuable papers, current account relations, obligations of being a trader, offering consultation and representation on these matters and settling the disputes under the applicable legislation before/during/after the case.
Our company also provides consultancy regarding Bank Law and operation, the structuring and organization of Financial/Credit Institutions, and guides its clients on Financial Leasing, Loan Agreements, Company Financing, Project Financing, International Trade Financing and Capital Market Practices. We provide companies with legal services in investment fields including Free Zones and Organized Industrial Zones and organization of the investments of companies in Turkey. Partnership agreements are drawn up within the framework of these investments and establishment of companies is facilitated. Similarly, consultancy is provided for correspondence and applications regarding Turkish companies’ investments in foreign countries.

A Wide Variety of Commercial Cases and Other Legal Actions

The Araştırma & Analiz Legal Department provides its clients with advisory services in all commercial actions, foreclosure and bankruptcy cases, the prevention of unfair competition, consumer protection and counseling, as well as representation services on these matters both before and after the case.

Services provided in the area of Commercial Law include settlements of all disputes before, during and after the action under Commercial Law Legislation.

Drafting Contracts

Araştırma & Analiz provides services in preparing draft negotiations and contracts to be drawn up on conclusion of contracts before signature. Types of contracts which have been prepared with the support of Araştırma & Analiz include Shareholder Contracts, Distributorship Contracts, Joint Ventures, Franchising Contracts, Sales Contracts, Commodity Purchase Contracts, Agency Contracts, Construction Contracts, Loan Agreements, License Contracts, Employment Contracts, as well as Management, Consultancy and Service Contracts. Araştırma & Analiz has many years of experience in drafting a wide range of contracts.

Company, Branch Office, Liaison Office Establishment and Transactions Following Establishment (General Assembly, Capital Change, Address, Subject, Change Transactions)

Our company remains among the leaders in the sector with its experience in establishment of domestic and foreign companies, holding company general assembly meetings, formation of liaison offices, company mergers and takeovers, capital increases and reductions, shares and bonds.

Company Type Change, Transfer, Merger and Division and Company Liquidation Operations

We provide consultancy services for companies which desire to apply change of type, transfer, merger and division operations under the competitive conditions of today’s economy. The necessary procedures are prepared and maintained under our service. Araştırma & Analiz’s advisory unit cooperates with companies to achieve restructuring objectives while offering the most effective solutions.

Provision of Legal Counseling for Companies

Araştırma & Analiz offers legal opinions on various branches of the law, mainly including tax law and commercial law. It is essential under this service to analyze and interpret various legal matters for companies and to offer them oral and written opinions. Outside assistance from specialized legal experts may be brought in if necessary during conduct of these services.

Execution and Bankruptcy Services (Executive Proceedings)

The services of Araştırma & Analiz in the field of execution law vary including application to competent bodies for enabling the creditor to collect receivables; enabling collection of receivables in accordance with the provisions of Execution and Bankruptcy Law; bringing action before Executive Courts and general courts on settlement of the disputes between creditors, debtors and third parties while finalizing these transactions; enabling transactions to be fulfilled in accordance with the provisions applicable in case of interest conflict of creditors, debtors and third parties due to executive proceedings; creating solutions in disputes arising from bank loan contracts and disputes caused by Commercial Law practices of real or legal persons in commerce; registry of creditor receivables with the bankrupt’s estate in case of debtor bankruptcy; making legal attempts for collection of receivables; effecting transactions for fulfilling legal attempts to eliminate bad debt of Capital Companies and Cooperatives under certain conditions; as well as enabling survival of these institutions.

Civil Law Services

The Law Department of our company also assists its clients with private cases and provides services in private as well as administrative litigation.
The services of Araştırma & Analiz in these matters include prosecution of the process before, during and after the case regarding family law, law of decedent’s estate, movable property possession and establishment of real rights under Civil Law Legislation. Legal consultation is provided on the operation of associations, federations, trusts and services, and covers in particular preparation of their by-laws and trust indentures at the stage of establishment and implementation of any amendments to the by-laws and trust indentures, ensuring participation in their general assemblies at the stages following foundation.

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