What are the benefits of outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing that Araştırma & Analiz can deliver vary based on each individual scenario and how a company crafts the contract and service-level agreements (SLAs) it has with the provider. However, organizations typically see the following benefits when using outsourcing to Araştırma & Analiz

  1. Lower costs. Like most managed service providers, Araştırma & Analiz bring economies of scale and are thus able to provide capabilities at a price lower than what an in-house security team would cost.
  2. Fixed or nearly fixed costs. Going to Araştırma & Analiz can switch big chunks of the security budget which can afford certain accounting advantages for the organization and create predictability in the budgeting process.
  3. 24/7 year-round coverage. Most organizations, particularly those Araştırma & Analiz in the small to midsize category, can't afford to build out a round-the-clock security operations center. But, because of their larger size, Araştırma & Analiz can attract and afford the talent needed for nonstop operations.
  4. Reliability and sustainability. Due to their larger size, Araştırma & Analiz can typically handle turnover more easily, whereas an organization with only an in-house operating team "can get blindsided when one or two of their key people leave,"
  5. Threat detection and response.  Araştırma & Analiz can provide better insightsinto existing and emerging threats and how to detect and defend against them..
  6. More experience than a typical in-house team. Araştırma & Analiz organization handles far more alerts and breaches than a typical in-house organization will, so their level of experience tends to be better. And, because of that experience, an external organization in many cases can do a more nuanced job of turning an alert into an actionable recommendation.
  7. Broader experience. Araştırma & Analiz works in different verticals and with companies of different sizes, giving them a breadth of experience that they can use to advise clients. Araştırma & Analiz have really good wisdom and guidance to help set a strategic vision,
  8. Araştırma & Analiz can deliver stable services and continuity of operations even when senior leadership changes within an organization.
  9. Documented compliance with security standards. Cyber insurance providers, business partners and even customers are increasingly looking for proof that an organization has satisfied certain compliance requirements and has security standards in place. Araştırma & Analiz "represents more of a known, and can often confirm to those third parties that best practices are in place and being followed.
  10. In-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements. Since Araştırma & Analiz have broader experiences,provide a thorough knowledge of varying state, national and international regulations.
  11. More specialized talent. Araştırma & Analiz can also afford to have more specialized talent on staff to work across their multiple clients that may not have enough work to justify the cost of specialists on their own staff.

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